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The coins in this image are North American dimes. You can see that the VINGUARD® etched characters are not too big and not too small. They are just the right size to be seen by the professional that is looking for them.  

This is one of the reasons why our product is considered "The Best". We want your vehicle protected but we also care about the way your vehicle looks. 
Permanently etch all your vehicle windows with its full 17 character VIN. (Vehicle Identification Number)

Mouse over slide to pause.

Mouse over slide to pause.

When a thief steals your vehicle, he or she must change the identity by changing the VIN identification plate on your dashboard. With a new VIN identification plate in place, they now have a new vehicle. But with VINGUARD, you etch the VIN number permanently into all glass surfaces of your vehicle.

In studies conducted by police in North America VIN etching has been proven to prevent auto theft. In order for a thief to sell your car he must first replace all the windows which will cost between 3 and 6 thousand dollars. Simply put, if a thief can't make a profit by stealing your vehicle he or she won't steal it. Similarly, the chop shop expert refuses vehicles that have been marked because not only would they have to dispose of 200 pounds of glass per vehicle, but one marked part could shut down their multi-million dollar business and send them to jail.

Insurance companies recommend that you have your vehicle's windows etched with its own VIN.  Keep in mind, your insurance company may offer a discounted rate of insurance for protecting your vehicle against theft.

VINGUARD eliminates VIN Switching.

Here's what some of our customers have to say:

"At this price this kit is far cheaper than the $200 the dealer was going to charge to VIN etch my car. This product is easy to use and looks 'dealer-installed' at a fraction of the cost."

— Ken, Nova Scotia

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