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At VINGUARD we use precision equipment to produce high quality VIN Etching Kit Stencils that allow you to safely etch a superior image onto your vehicles windows.  We guarantee they won't move and are not affected by the heat of the sun. You'll know if you are using VINGUARD by our trademark yellow stencils. Don't take the chance of defacing your vehicle's appearance.  Purchase a VINGUARD Police Traceable ™ VIN window etching kit today!

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  • Auto theft is BIG business, costing American’s nearly $10 billion dollars per year.

  • Vehicles are stolen from shopping malls, streets, driveways, parking lots, garages and car dealerships.

  • Professional car thieves are not deterred by sophisticated alarm systems and/or locking devices.

  • It can take a thief under 40 seconds to cut through a steering wheel, remove the most common steering wheel lock and steal your car.

  • Auto alarms are considered a nuisance and they are ignored every day.

  • No one is going to protect your vehicle for you.

  • Even with insurance when your vehicle is stolen you can lose thousand dollars in tax when you purchase another.

Some Auto-

Theft Facts

Auto theft is a booming illicit business. Vehicles are stolen for resale both in whole and parts. Did you know a vehicle can be worth up to three times as much money when sold as parts?


Law enforcement agencies, insurance companies and the federal government are doing their best to help.  However, it is the responsibility of all vehicle owners to take the additional steps to prevent this growing problem.