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"No bells, no whistles...just results!"

Our customers continually express amazement at both the sharp image and the ease of installation. In fact most people who have seen VINGUARD think that it was installed on the assembly line. Don't be fooled by lower cost VIN etching kits. Our Product is of superior quality.

Each of our VINGUARD Custom Do-It-Yourself VIN Etching kits contains the following :

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  • 1 - Bottle of Glass Etch Cream & Brush Cap Applicator
  • 1 - Pair of Protective Rubber Gloves
  • 2 - Application Sponges
  • 12 - Custom VIN Stencils
  •  6  - UV Body Panel Marking Labels
  •  2  - VINGUARD Window Warning Decals
  • 1 - Insurance Discount Request
  • 1 - Installation Instruction Sheet
  • 1 - Auto-Theft Facts and Prevention
     Tips Brochure


VINGUARD  Police Traceable ™ UV  VINPRINT Body Panel Labels

In addition to marking all the windows of your vehicle, our kit includes a special Police Traceable Ultra-Violet Body Panel Identification System.


This system allows you to permanently embed a UV VINPRINT into 6 of the painted body panel parts of your vehicle. Installation is a simple three step process and takes less then 5 minutes.


  1. Select 6 of the painted body panel parts such as the hood, trunk and doors.
  2. Make sure the painted parts are completely clean and dry.
  3. Affix the Police Traceable Ultra Violet VINPRINT labels to the select parts and the installation is completed.


After 3-6 months the UV VINPRINT is permanently absorbed into the paint and is visible to police using a UV black light, even if the labels are removed.